How does the SMA Fuel Save Solution work?

This post was originally published in 2013. The tips and techniques explained may be outdated.

Video SMA Fuel Save Solution
Fuel Save Solution


On this blog we have already posted numerous articles on PV diesel hybrid systems, each describing PV diesel hybrid systems and what steps must be taken to install and manage such a system. The SMA Fuel Save Solution combines diesel and photovoltaics into a hybrid system, minimizing CO2 emissions and high fuel costs.

This video explains how the system works. Enjoy it.

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    William says:

    Hi Stella.
    My name is William and I work in Papua New Guinea. We have a solar energy company and I have be tasked to design and install a 100 – 150W solar, diesel and battery hybrid system.
    I have been using SMA inverters and I think your organisation is perfect for this project.
    Please let me know how I can engage SMA in this project.
    William Kaliyati

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    NGOC (Joe) H CHAU says:

    Hello Sarah:

    My name is N H (Joe) Chau with ECF Consultant, PA in West Palm Beach, FL. ECF Consultant plans to install approximately 100 KW of PV Solar on their Main Office Building rooftop. The PV Solar system will be operated in parallel with the local Utility system (Florida Power and Light). As part of the PV project, ECF would like to install a small Diesel Emergency generator. The PV Inverters will be SMA. ECF would like to use SMA Fuel Save controller for the interface and communication between the PV system and Inverters, and the Diesel generator.
    I would like to know if SMA has any SMA Fuel Save control installed for PV Solar and Diesel generator in the USA. Is the SMA Fuel Save controller UL listed and approved for uses in the United States of America.
    I also would like to have additional information on the SMA Fuel Save control for engineering implementation.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Joe,

      Thanks for your post.
      Our US-Sales Team will get back to you asap.

      Sunny regards


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